Project Ideas

The following are possible ideas for project (but not limited to this).

Project Proposal

Please submit your project proposal (one submission per team and be sure to include all your teammates with the submission) to Canvas. The proposal document should be about 1 page (maximum of 2 pages). Be sure to describing the following elements:

Project Final Report

The final report is intended to be structured as a workshop/conference paper, as mentioned in the first lecture slides. Y'all may have gotten an idea of the typical sections involved in a paper in HW3. Nonetheless, to help with the broad sections typically involved in a research paper, please see below: Kindly note that this is meant as a guide, and you can be flexible in case you have experience writing research papers. There is an upper-limit cap of 8 pages and Appendix length is unrestricted.
Kindly make note of the grading scheme that will be followed for the project. Please note that each project is different so some things can be subjective (especially in the A to A+ range). However, we will try our best to follow this scheme:
If you are unsure about what project to pick / need more information / want to discuss, Instructor/TAs are here to help you! Please come to office hour (as a group) to discuss about your proposal.